The Benwood Foundation supports innovative community efforts that help make Chattanooga great. We believe that collective action is a crucial driver of civic change. Building a great city is everyone’s challenge, everyone’s opportunity, everyone’s work.

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Community Voices

  1. Adera Causey
  2. Ann Coulter
  3. Christian Rushing
  4. Daniel Ryan
  5. David Cook
  6. Donna Williams
  7. Edna Varner
  8. Fynn Glover
  9. Harry Austin
  10. Justin Hoenke
  11. Monica Kinsey
  12. Robert Fisher
  13. Ruth Kerr
  14. Shayne Woods
  15. Sheldon Grizzle
  16. Tricia King
  17. Guest Contributor
  18. Benwood Staff

Our Contributors

  1. In this first-of-its-kind Incubator, motivated teachers will expand their reach beyond the classroom by leading a change in their school and the community.
  2. Twenty-seven percent of the city’s residents live below the poverty line, nearly double the national average.
  3. He’s the director of the upcoming Harvested Here local food hub, and is working to get locally grown food to more people while providing farmers with an avenue to increase production.
  4. She wanted to share that the future of dance could look like any body, could move in any way.
  5. All of this is to say that the environment we have created for ourselves does not reflect the values we profess.
  6. To experience Zowie sing is to be transported back to the era of the Blues Greats – as if the spirit of Etta James has delivered us a great gift.