Our community is positioned like never before to build on a tradition of civic imagination and action. Our strong legacy of working together to tackle tough issues and make big things happen has opened up a whole new range of opportunities. At the same time, a new generation of residents is looking to engage with and contribute to our city in meaningful ways.

The Benwood Foundation has always been dedicated to supporting the people and projects that help to make Chattanooga a great city.

Walnut Walking Bridge in Black and White

Mission & Values

The vision of the Benwood Foundation is that the Chattanooga region will be a place shaped and sustained by its magnificent landscape, driven by its can-do spirit, and inspired by its commitment that all residents thrive.

Our Mission

The Benwood Foundation is dedicated to supporting the people and projects that make Chattanooga a great city.

Our Values Are To

  • Improve and preserve Chattanooga’s qualities of place
  • Build our local talent base
  • Improve our competitive advantage
  • Celebrate and enhance our diverse and unique culture

We Do This By

  • Supporting Strategies that demonstrate high impact results
  • Engaging dynamic partnerships and collaborative efforts
  • Testing big ideas and innovative models
  • Energizing collective action
  • Practicing skillful leadership and influence
  • Committing to time frames needed for change