The Rhythm of Brother Eroc's House

The beats move your body, the words touch your soul, the rhythm challenges your mind and the music is totally fresh…welcome to Brother Eroc’s House.

Artists rely on audience, some more than others. Once a painting is hung on a gallery wall, a sculpture is placed in a public square, a cord is strummed from a bar’s make-shift stage, a voice is heard through a microphone, a designer shares a drawing with a client.…everything changes.  The art becomes something new filtered through the mind of the beholder. Some artists can separate art from audience perception, keeping the object or performance pure, but for others, the art form only really comes alive when it is shared and when the audience responds. And that is the joy and the challenge of the art of a DJ.

We aren’t talking the songlist by request DJ booked for private events for clients seeking a familiar playlist remixed with little variety.  While many of us may feel like a DJ in our spotified playlists, really we too are just recycling others sounds. A true DJ composes, plays with sound, makes himself vulnerable to an audience reaction and he responds, a perpetual dance dictated by sound and rhythm. A DJ morphs and entices, exposes and entertains, reminds and surprises and is always in aural communion with sound and audience.

This is the world of Brother Eroc, a man who has lived this culture for years, blending careers as a House DJ and as a hip hop artist seamlessly. Sitting down with Brother Eroc is like learning from a sage while experiencing a great show all at once – with a wide expanse of knowledge bouncing through time and space, new rhythms interspersing with old and folding back into themselves. For Eroc, the goal is always transformation. 

After early peripatetic years took him throughout the state, he settled in Chattanooga, drawn in by our outdoor pastimes.  It took him little time to become entrenched in our music scene, taking his Knoxville hip hop partnership to a new stage as the Mdahts. With B Spaz by his side and various collaborators joining in, he shared a brand of hip hop that is itself a vehicle for change, a conduit for an uplifting message that bypasses maudlin but finds joy in life’s harshest realities.  Check it out as Brother Eroc, B Spaz and Floami Fly make time fly with their latest video (special thanks to the Ruiz’s and 423PK for suggesting Eroc to me and for making this video available on their website). 

And this idea of home brings Eroc back to his roots and his heart and the flow of House Music. As the club scene kids grow up, he’s beginning to build an audience for a sound that, while not new to the music scene, is still relatively new to Chattanooga and is pure DJ art at its finest.  Opening yourself up can be a wild ride, floating onto a sound sensation with pulsing beats, quiet melodies, mixed organic sounds and  synthesized rhythm that leaves you enlivened and exhausted.  Hallucinogenic in its effects, it is more powerful than any artificial stimulant as it reaches you at your core, runs your body through an ecstatic movement and turns your soul inside out to a feeling that remains a new you.

Eroc’s house is growing but still many have yet to cross the threshold. The door is open to any who come for the music, are open to fully experiencing it, responding to it and growing with it. Brother Eroc invites you to move to this new beat, take a chance and allow your soul to be touched, challenge yourself to join the community of Brother Eroc’s House. 

“Opening yourself up can be a wild ride, floating onto a sound sensation with pulsing beats, quiet melodies, mixed organic sounds and synthesized rhythm that leaves you enlivened and exhausted. ”